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Reduced Odor & Infection Risk

Improved Circulation

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Copper Anti Bacterial Technology


Copper antibacterial technology utilizes the inherent antimicrobial properties of copper to inhibit the growth of bacteria on surfaces. Copper ions disrupt bacterial cell membranes and interfere with cellular processes, reducing bacterial viability. This technology is used in diabetic socks to provide a natural, long-lasting solution for reducing microbial contamination of the feet.

Step into Superior Comfort
and Protection

Thickened Footpad - Shock Absorption

JQ Diabetic Socks are crafted from shock absorbing materials. The insoles absorb impact when walking or engaging in physical activities, minimizing excessive force on the plantar fascia, thus alleviating its strain effectively.

Soft Cushion - Pressure Redistribution

By incorporating targeted extra cushioning, insoles aid in evenly distributing pressure, alleviating discomfort, pain, or foot ailments caused by pressure points and hotspots. Pressure redistribution helps alleviate strain on the plantar fascia and other areas of the foot.

Copper Diabetic Socks
For Men & Women

Improved Foot Health

Our Copper Diabetic Socks enhance foot health, lowering infection risks and diabetes-related complications. Copper's antimicrobial prowess curbs bacterial growth and eliminates odor, ensuring feet stay fresh and healthy.

Non-Binding & Durable

Tailored for swollen feet and ankles, offering improved circulation, pressure relief, swelling prevention, and enhanced breathability. Ensures lasting protection wash after wash, retaining its effectiveness.

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